Installation guide for .NET Framework 4.6.1


1.You have probably just seen a window similar to the following, instructing you to install .NET Framework 4.6.1:

01 DotNet4-6-1 Alert

2.You will be directed to the Microsoft download page. Click the “Download” button

02 DotNet4-6-1 Download

3. In the event that you get something like the message below, you will need to approve the download. Click where it says “Click here for options” and allow the download.

03 DotNet4-6-1 Download Blocked

4. Select “Save” the file. It doesn’t really matter where you save it to, the default downloads directory is fine. Once it’s downloaded, double-click on it to run the file.
NOTE: If you prefer, you can run the file directly, it’s up to you. My preference is to download files and then run them

04 DotNet4-6-1 Download Confirmation

5. You will probably get a warning asking if you want to run the file or not. Select “Run”

05 DotNet4-6-1 Run Confirmation

6. Click the checkbox to indicate that you’ve understood the terms, and click “Install”

06 DotNet4-5-1 Licence confirmation

7. Wait while the .NET Framework update downloads and installs

07 DotNet4-5-1 Download Progress

8. That’s it! Once you get the confirmation that the .NET Framework update has been installed, you’re ready to install Jim’s World Model.