Dr Jim Penman PhD

Dr Jim Penman PhD

Dr Jim Penman PhD is one of the world’s leading social theorists. He is the author of the Biohistory titles that explain a revolutionary new scientific theory into the physiological underpinnings of social change and its probable effects on civilizations. He obtained a PhD in history from La Trobe University, Australia. His doctorate integrated broad historical changes with cross-cultural anthropology and aspects of animal behavior. More recent work focuses on biochemistry and the emerging field of epigenetics.

Biohistory examines how social change and historical patterns in human society have biological roots. It explains how social, political and economic changes are driven by changes in the prevailing temperament, influenced by mechanisms designed to adapt animal social behavior to changing food conditions.

He received his doctorate in 1983 but lacked resources to pursue research. Instead, he established Jim’s Group, Australia’s largest franchise network, with commercial success enabling the creation of a Biohistory research program in 2007, now The Biohistory Foundation. Additional support has been provided by the Australian Research Council, La Trobe University, RMIT University and the Howard Florey institute.

To date, Dr Penman has co-authored ten peer-reviewed papers in leading journals including Behavioral Brain Research andPhysiology and Behavior. Findings so far include a method of dramatically improving the maternal behavior of rats, with far-reaching effects on offspring. They also make clear that the observed patterns are epigenetic in origin, supporting Biohistory’s broader social and historical observations.

Dr Jim Penman PhD – founder of Biohistory