Your Own Biohistory Model

The study of the effect of climate, family size, food availability, rainfall and other variables has on the rise and fall of society is at the core of Biohistory. To facilitate the collection and analysis of data over a period of time the Modelling Biohistory program is a powerful predictive tool.

Download Free Software – Change to Your own Biohistory Model

The Biohistory Foundation has developed software that allows users to model the development of civilization by arithmetic formulae. This is done by allowing populations to grow, migrate and clash on a world map. The underlying idea is that history is determined by changes in the psychological make-up of populations, based on cultural technologies such as religion, and physical technologies such as farming. The software has two aspects:

World maps, with hexes containing information on rainfall, altitude and other variables. These can be modified by the user, and new variables developed that relate to existing hex qualities. For example, ‘suitwheat’ might indicate rainfall, altitude and other hex variables suitable to growing wheat.

Population variables. Each population has characteristics such as size, aggression and farming skills that determine how it grows and migrates. For example, ‘C’ is a psychological variable that makes people good at farming and trade. But C will only tend to increase past a certain level when suitable plants have been developed.

“Download sample world model” contains a set of equations that cause populations to colonize the world from Africa and develop farming at about the right time.

Once your download is complete please see below to learn the secrets of a successful Biohistory Model and…

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The Biohistory Foundation is offering a prize of $50,000 US for a successful model of world history using the principles of Biohistory. Aspects include the development of farming, the rise and fall of civilizations, the shorter-term changes known as ‘lemming cycles’, and developments in religion and technology. The prize may be awarded to one individual or team, or divided among teams achieving some portion of the goal.

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