A bold new theory

that challenges conventional ideas
about society and civilization.


By Dr Jim Penman PhD

Discover the key role played by religion
in civilization growth and decline

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Biohistory: Decline and Fall of the West

“A theory which only the unwise will ignore" Dr. Michael T. McGuire M.D

“Penman discerns...a grim twilight for the West" Dr. Frank Salter

“A thought-provoking work" Dr. Steven A. Peterson

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There’s something wrong with our civilisation. Beneath the surface there are forces at work, which we don’t understand. In the last 10 years there’s been a revolution in biological science, yet our understanding of ourselves in a broader social context is trailing far behind.

Western civilization is in decline. Economies are stagnant, faith in democracy fading. A bold new theory suggests that far worse is to come. Can science provide the answers?

Biohistory: Decline and Fall of the West’ details a revolutionary new theory about human society. For the first time, Dr Jim Penman PhD explains how biology can explain both the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans. Based on pioneering scientific research, Penman uncovers the hidden forces at play across animal societies and human history – and why the West will be their next victim. ‘

Within the field of Biohistory (defined here) –  and through the research of Dr Jim Penman, we now realise that there are biological answers to what civilisation really is, why wars occur, why civilisations rise to cultural heights only to fall into darkness.

Inside politics and in the families of monarchies there are biological imperatives that play a huge role in predicting the rise and fall of society. Our introductory series of videos will help you understand the science and how history is crucially linked with biology in less than 30 minutes.

Would you like to create your own Biohistory model ?

By exploration in Biohistory through research and an amazing modelling tool, you can take the next step in your understanding.

Would you like to receive $50,000 USD?

The Biohistory Foundation is offering a prize of $50,000 US for a successful model of world history using the principles of Biohistory.

Aspects include the development of farming, the rise and fall of civilizations, the shorter-term changes known as ‘lemming cycles’, and developments in religion and technology. The prize may be awarded to one individual or team, or divided among teams achieving some portion of the goal. Go HERE to get started.

Can you help to answer the question that academics, climate change theorists and economists are asking ever more frequently: “Is it too late to change the course of history?”