Western civilization is in decline. Economies are stagnant, faith in democracy fading. A bold new theory suggests that far worse is to come. Can science provide the answers?Biohistory details a revolutionary new theory about human society. For the first time, Dr Jim Penman PhD explains how biology can explain both the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans.

Based on pioneering and scientifically testable research, Penman uncovers the hidden forces at play across animal societies and human history – and why the West is on the path to becoming the next casualty.

Biohistory makes use of the latest findings in epigenetics, the study of how the environment affects our genes. Presented in easy-to-digest language, it draws on history, biology, anthropology and economics to explain the real drivers of social change and how evolutionary mechanisms designed to adapt animal social behavior to changing food conditions determine the fate of civilisation.

Within the academic community, the following resources are offered to enhance your understanding of Biohistory and even to model your own version of the rise and fall of society within pre-determined parameters.

Cross-cultural survey

This survey investigates how family and child rearing patterns are related to political, social and economic behavior and includes correlations and codes to apply within your own unique Biohistory model. Go to our quick start guide to begin.

The West’s only hope of avoiding the same fate as earlier civilizations lies with the biological sciences, but is it already too late to change the course of history?