About The Biohistory Foundation

The Biohistory Foundation aims to advance the fields of biohistory and epigenetics through ongoing scientific study.

Founded in 2007 by Dr Jim Penman PhD, it is a privately-funded enterprise whose primary purpose will support and finance continuing scientific research. By 2016, it is our aim to establish an Australian headquarters for a permanent team of administrators. Until then, our temporary administrative bases is at 48 Edinburgh Road, Mooroolbark, Victoria 3138, Australia.

The official Biohistory website, www.Biohistory.org, serves as a central hub for both The Biohistory Foundation and the Biohistory books. The website carries extensive information about the research, and key findings can be downloaded for free. Excerpts from both titles are also available as free downloads. The site includes a Media Centre where the latestBiohistory news and releases can be found, and details about corporate sponsors, affiliates, and making a donation. Interested parties can also browse the online shop where the books and related Biohistory merchandise can be purchased.

The Biohistory Foundation: Mission

It is our mission to put biohistory – with a small and large ‘B’ – on the socio-political map. By publishing our research and findings, we hope to draw wide-scale attention to its conclusions and, potentially, halt – and even reverse – the decline of western civilization. With support from the wider western community, ongoing research will be possible through The Biohistory Foundation.

Support our work

The Biohistory Foundation needs your support to carry out work that could affect the lives of billions of people. The Foundation is currently applying for tax exempt status, but in the meantime donations may be made direct to the Florey Institute (www.florey.edu.au), making clear that these donations are to support biohistory. Donations are tax deductible in Australia.

For further enquiries about donations or how to support biohistory, please Email info@biohistory.org.